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Delivery Checklist

Our Lorries

Please ensure there is enough space for our 18t lorry.


Please ensure the delivery point is free of obstacles and there is enough room for our lorry to turn.


The access road surface must be suitable for large heavy vehicles (tarmac, block paving or concrete). Our lorries cannot operate on rough, loose or soft ground.

Kerbside Delivery

Delivery will be kerbside, please ensure the surface is level, flat and hard to allow pump truck to operate.

Pump Truck

Our driver will use a pump truck to position your pallet. Please ensure the surface is hard, flat and level. Pump truck can’t operate on gravel, grass, sand or any other soft surface.

Delivery FAQ's


1. Even with our best efforts, we cannot always ensure that breakages will not occur during transit. It's recommended that you order about 10% more of what you need for any breakages. We will unfortunately not be refunding or replacing if the breakages fall under 10%.

2. On delivery, please check product delivered is correct. Any returns and exchanges after delivery has been signed for will go through our normal exchange/return procedures potentially incurring costs to you.

3. If your order is split into multiple shipments on different days, please ensure you wait with any work until the full order is received. Due to a natural character of the product, there might be differences in colour shades and grain patterns and therefore a ‘random’ laying pattern might be required.

How long does the delivery take?

Orders placed before noon will usually be shipped the same day. Most mainland deliveries will take 2-3 days. When your order is ready, you will be notified by a member of our team to arrange a suitable delivery time for you.

What do I need to know about the lorry delivering my order?

We are likely be using either a 7.5t or 18t lorry with a tail lift. It is important this type of vehicle is allowed to get as close to your delivery point as possible. You are responsible for ensuring the access for our lorry is clear with no overhanging trees or cables. Our lorries can only access delivery areas that are flat and solid enough to take the weight of the pallet.

Do you deliver into my driveway or back garden?

All deliveries are kerbside by default and it is at the driver’s discretion how close to your property it can be delivered. Driver will be using manual pump truck to wheel the goods in so please make sure the access is clear with flat and even surface. The pump truck can’t operate on a gravel or grass.

Do I need to be present at the delivery?

Yes, we strongly recommend you oversee the delivery of your order. Any challenges and difficulties will be easier to overcome.

What if delivery fails?

If these guidelines are not followed and the delivery fails, you will be liable for all costs including but not limited to;

  1. Redelivery charge

  2. Return delivery to us

  3. Restocking fee